1:1 interview coaching services

Interview coaching services giving nervous interviewees the tools to become a calm and confident candidate

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interview coaching services with Patricia Kenneally

Introducing absolutely everything you will need from start to finish to prepare you for interview success:

The ultimate interview skills bundle

This jam-packed bundle includes CV and cover letter writing, how to recognise your dream job, tips for applying for positions, easy ways to research a company, interview preparation what you need to know, the types of interviews and what to expect, the most asked questions and how to answer them, why you should always ask them questions.

You will develop your self-belief and be introduced to simple confidence techniques which will help you remain calm on the day, also how you can stay grounded when things don’t go your way.

Once you have completed this bundle you begin to view an interview in a different way, and you will be able to understand what the interviewer is looking for in a potential employee. Next time you are invited to attend an interview you will feel less anxious and more interview ready than ever before.

My interview coaching services don’t just work on the practical side of interviewing, we delves deeper working on the anxiety itself so that you can have the confidence to sell yourself to a potential employer.

My experience with Patricia was brilliant. She helped me with the planning and preparation for my interview, ensuring nothing was missed out. She made me feel at complete ease and gave me the belief I would need before my interview. I had one session with Patricia where we went over key interview questions and focussed on key techniques that would be useful. Thanks to Patricia she gave me the belief and structure I would need for my chosen interview which led me to complete my interview and get the job with ease. Thank you once again Patricia for all your kind efforts.
Aaron C

1:1 interview coaching services

How The Ultimate Interview Skills Bundle Works

A 1:1 bespoke offering including a 30 minute consultation and 4 x 90 minute sessions

1 The first session is all about preparing the foundation for building everything else upon.  We will gently work together on the root cause of your interview anxiety using simple techniques, and reconnecting with your why to help you focus on your direction.  This session is packed full of ‘aha’ moments helping you to recognise your skills and discovering life changing confidence techniques.  We all know that sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want it to so its no surprise that we will also be touching on resilience and how to overcome setbacks.

2 You may have an interview lined up but it doesn’t stop us from giving your CV a little audit, now does it? I will be working my magic and slot it nicely into your very own detailed interview portfolio ahhhh. It is all about the preparation and we will be delving into the company, it’s ethics and values and how you align with its culture.

3 When it comes to the questions an interview panel will ask you, they can depend on things like the banding and the environment you will be working in. We will work together through a broad spectrum of practice questions and discuss what the interviewer is looking for when you answer them.

4 Now it’s time to put all the amazing work together as we do the final prep work and sit down to some interview practice which isn’t all about the answers believe it or not. We will touch again on the confidence techniques and get you all ready for the big day!

You will end the 4 sessions feeling more prepared than you have before.

BONUS SESSION: I love to offer a 30 minute post interview session where we can celebrate your success or if you haven’t been successful the session will be focussed on bouncing back and looking at the feedback you may have been given – absolutely free of charge!

A one-off investment of £299 covers all of your sessions

Ok, let's break that down, here's what you get in The Ultimate Interview Skills Bundle...

All for a one-off investment of £299

meet your interview coach

Hey there, I’m Patricia

I help people prepare for interviews. I remember what it’s like to be absolutely terrified of going for an interview, but it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

I used to be shy and lacking in confidence, not the best mixture when applying for a role.  I did not think I had anything to offer a potential employer, I stayed in roles I hated because the thought of sitting an interview filled me with so much fear I would  rather be miserable.

Fast forward to 2017 when I sat on the interview panel for an apprenticeship role in the financial services company I was working in.  It became apparent that each of the young adults that arrived for the interview were exactly like I had been, nervous and ill prepared.  At first, I was frustrated because there were no suitable candidates, but this was soon replaced with empathy as I knew I could have helped them.  

As soon as I got home that evening I asked my daughter if she had ever been offered interview skills training at school or college and she said, “no mum, I wish we did though”.  That was it, the motivation and passion to help people prepare for an interview was born,  I began by introducing people to simple techniques that helped them feel calmer and more confident on the day, which in turn promoted their employability skills and talents. 

And now I’m here to help you feel excited about the whole interview experience. Shall we do this?

online interview coaching services with patricia kenneally
Patricia was 10/10! Her service is not only amazing but thanks to her it gave me so much confidence to get the job I wanted. She talked me through the thought processes and techniques to keep me calm, She went above and beyond helping me go through interview questions and even researching the field with me so I had more in-depth knowledge. If you are considering any help I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Leanne M

You don’t have to struggle with interview anxiety anymore

1:1 interview coaching services

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sure I can afford this right now – I understand that you may not have the funds right now to invest in yourself. Head over to the free resources page for some helpful tools that you can use. I also share tips and information on Instagram @pkinterviewcoach. My ebook/paperback is also cram-packed with valuable information and will be available to buy from Amazon very soon.

Our lives can be so busy that finding the time for coaching can be difficult. One of the great things about our sessions is they will be conducted via Zoom so no travel time is needed and we can arrange the sessions around your busy schedule.

The 1:1 programme is aimed at someone who ranges from an absolute beginner to someone who needs a boost and preparation skills on their career journey. No experience required!

We have all done it, paid for a course that hasn’t made that much of a difference but this one is different. The skills and techniques that you will experience in these four days will take you deeper than you may have been before. You will of course need to put the work in yourself too, implementing the techniques and familiarising yourself with the questions and answers.

No unfortunately I cannot guarantee you will get the role, but you will definitely be more prepared than you have ever been before.

I recently had some 1:1 sessions with Patricia to help me with my interview skills due to feeling nervous and anxious. Patricia was amazing, she gave me lots of advice, reassurance and even helped me with breathing exercises. I would 100% recommend Patricia as she made me feel completely at ease in my interview and thanks to her I got the job!
Tina M

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Let’s get you your best interview yet.

Patricia xo

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