interview coaching uk

It took me years to overcome my fear of interviews, now I help people prepare for theirs

interview coaching uk

You’re feeling unsure, lacking the confidence to promote yourself to a potential employer. No matter how hard you try you cannot get over the anxiety of sitting an interview.

You feel like you are lacking in the skills and experience needed to be successful so why bother?  You may have had countless rejections and any confidence you did have has been knocked out of you.

I hear you; I was exactly the same and the people I work with have the same feelings too. It is not your fault, it’s nothing that you have done wrong, it is just that you were never shown how to do it, and that’s where I come in with online interview coaching in the UK.

What a calming influence Patricia has been on me, I was unsure about contacting a coach, but I shouldn’t have been, I very quickly felt at ease and it was soon like talking to a friend. Going into my first interview with the skills and techniques I learned during our sessions I felt prepared, relaxed, and confident. Patricia’s positivity has definitely rubbed off on me, I use the skills on a regular basis and enjoy them.
Vicki H

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Hiya, Im Patricia

I love working with people, sounds a bit crazy seeing as though I am a shy introvert! I am an empath and fascinated by how and why people think the way they do. My interest in neuroscience lead me to learn more about the mind and the role our self-image plays. My passion for understanding how our thoughts and beliefs dictate our life increased once I completed my training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching

Having poor self-confidence when I was younger limited me in many ways, I began to force myself into situations that pushed me out of my comfort zone as much as I could, and I began to notice that this helped me grow in confidence a little at a time.
I completed a public speaking course and was so shy, that on the first day I literally could not get the words out of my quivering mouth as I stood at the front of the room trying to introduce myself.  By the end of the course, I confidently strode out to the front of the audience of 100 (looked more like 1000 to me!) and flawlessly gave my 3 minute speech. I have to admit that was a tough challenge. I walked on hot coals for charity as it was something I had seen on TV and was curious to know if it hurt (it doesn’t by the way, it’s all mind over matter). I am a trained holistic therapist and have a keen interest in meditation, mindfulness and self-development.
I am a mum of two young adults and have spent the past 20 years raising them singlehandedly, juggling a full-time job, training for other roles as well as starting my own business, phew!

I am passionate about inspiring others to go for their dreams, I want to be the voice of the people that are not confident enough to share theirs. I spent the majority of my life working hard to overcome my own insecurities, so that I can help you work your way through yours.

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Earlier this evening I had the pleasure of meeting via video call, we discussed keeping a positive attitude and keeping an open mind in day-to-day life. Patricia is a real joy to talk to, she is very engaging and put me at ease very quickly. I found her very knowledgeable which complimented the conversation nicely. She had a lot of suggestions for me and I found the session very interactive and informative.
Kelly R

interview coaching uk

I know you may be anxious and frustrated; you could be leaving education and don't know where to start or you have applied for work and never been invited for an interview, or you went for an interview, it did not go well and did not get the job, I understand.

Leaving school you may have been given minimal training on how to sit and interview, you were just sent out into the job market without the necessary skills so it is not surprising that the majority of people have a fear of interviews.

Just think back to the things you can now do that you never could before, whether that’s tying your shoelaces (yes you weren’t born knowing how to do this), or learning to read and write. If you can drive do you remember the first time you sat in the driver’s seat and stalled? Sitting an interview is the same, it is a life skill that takes some research, planning, and practice.

Don’t give yourself a hard time, use those past rejections as the fuel to become a confident and motivated candidate. Together we will walk through what you are likely to expect and by the end of our time together you will BE more prepared and focused than ever before, you will FEEL more connected with yourself and also realise the potential within you. With interview coaching in the UK you will KNOW exactly what the interviewer is expecting from you on the day and the simple techniques that you can use to remain calm and focused, giving you the competitive edge over the other candidates.

I recently had some 1:1 sessions with Patricia to help me with my interview skills due to feeling nervous and anxious. Patricia was amazing, she gave me lots of advice, reassurance and even helped me with breathing exercises. I would 100% recommend Patricia as she made me feel completely at ease in my interview and thanks to her I got the job!
Tina M