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Are you ready to overcome your fear of interviews and increase your employability?

If you do not feel confident in your skills and abilities, I can support you in overcoming these beliefs with 1:1 interview coaching and job application help. Once you begin to realise your worth you can exceed your potential.

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10 Common interview questions and how to answer them

In this FREE video resource, I am going to give you expert insights into answering 10 of the most common interview questions. If you’re tired of feeling nervous and unprepared during job interviews, you’re in the right place.

This comprehensive video resource is designed to help you confidently answer common interview questions and land your dream job.

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  • You will learn valuable tips and tricks so you can present yourself as a confident, capable candidate who is ready to excel in the role.

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Hi, I'm Patricia

I’m the go-to person when it comes to interview prep but I’m a bit different than the usual kind. I don’t just focus on the formal ‘what to say’ and ‘what not to say’, I also work on the most popular reason that most people dislike interviews, the anxiety.  

In the past I was very shy, I lacked self-confidence and had zero self-belief. When it came to finding work I applied for roles that were low paid and pretty much guaranteed to be mine just for turning up for the interview. I had bills to pay and no interest in putting myself through the ordeal of sitting in front of an interview panel asking questions like “why do you want to work here?” I think that pretty obvious, I need the money! (that is not how to answer that by the way).

Fast forward through many disastrous and unsuccessful interviews, it was only when I began sitting on the interview panel in my roles in Financial Services and the NHS that I began to see the candidates coming to us were just as nervous and unprepared as I had been in the past.  I began to research why I experienced interview anxiety which led me to complete my NLP and Life Coaching Certificates. My self-belief increased enormously after learning simple confidence techniques and also understanding what the interviewer was looking for in the perfect candidate.

If you ask someone how they feel about sitting an interview the majority of people will say they feel anything from uneasy to absolute terror, so you are not alone. The anxiety you experience when you think about an interview is a completely natural stress response, it will always appear until you start to work on it.  This is where I can help you become a calm, confident and prepared candidate.

Patricia Kenneally, your interview coach sat on some steps with legs crossed holding a tablet and a coffee smiling at the camera.
Patricia was 10/10! Her service is not only amazing but thanks to her it gave me so much confidence to get the job I wanted. She talked me through the thought processes and techniques to keep me calm, She went above and beyond helping me go through interview questions and even researching the field with me so I had more in-depth knowledge. If you are considering any help I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Leanne M

1:1 interview coaching

The ultimate interview skills bundle

The Ultimate Interview Skills Bundle. I’ve got everything you need from start to finish to prepare you when leaving education and beyond. We will cover how to recognise your dream job, prepare your CV and cover letter, how to apply and the best way to prepare for your interview.

emergency interview coaching

Last-minute interview 2-hour rescue session

The interview is a matter of days away and you need help, the panic has set in and you are in no way prepared. This is where I come in, a two-hour no-nonsense cram fest of research, interview prep and confidence work to get you interview ready in record time. 

interview coaching book

How to overcome interview anxiety and be a calm and confident candidate

An essential in depth toolkit for students leaving education and stepping into the job market. The How To Overcome Interview Anxiety and Be A Calm And Confident Candidate book is coming soon to Amazon as both ebook and paperback.

My experience with Patricia was brilliant. She helped me with the planning and preparation for my interview, ensuring nothing was missed out. She made me feel at complete ease and gave me the belief I would need before my interview. I had one session with Patricia where we went over key interview questions and focussed on key techniques that would be useful. Thanks to Patricia she gave me the belief and structure I would need for my chosen interview which led me to complete my interview and get the job with ease. Thank you once again Patricia for all your kind efforts.
Aaron C

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